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School Fees

The Registration Fee is 22,000 JPY.  It is a one-time payment and non-refundable and is payable in full upon submission of your application, in order for it to be processed.

The Admission Fee, Annual Maintenance Fee, Student Insurance Fee, PTA Fee, Books and Materials Fee and Tuition Fee will become due upon completion of the application process and acceptance from our side.  The Admission Fee only is a one-time payment and all fees mentioned here above are non-refundable and non-transferable and must be paid before the date of joining and on or before the due date for the payment as stipulated in the invoice.

All Fees mentioned are for each child and are inclusive of Government Tax.

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1. We usually do not charge additional EAL fees like many other international schools in Japan.  However after assessments have been done and if a student's level in English is very weak and way below the class age appropriate level and they fall behind in the class, then we would inform parents of the need to provide more EAL support for their child.  We provide this EAL support only if necessary and additional charges would be applied for this on a term basis not exceeding 35,000 JPY per term.

2. For handicapped and special needs children with physical, behavioural, reading, writing, or speaking issues additional therapy and support services could be provided to the child and family on an individual one-on-one or group basis, depending on the requirements of the child.  These issues, therapy and support services would be discussed with the parents either at the time the application is made i.e. before the child joins the school or after the child has been enrolled in our school if, as and when the issues arise.

3. There is a possibility that after a child has been enrolled in our school, observations are made by teachers, the school management or therapists and specialists, that the child needs additional learning, physical and/or behavioural support.  In cases like this the issues with the child and therapy and support services recommended for the child would be first discussed with the parents.

4.  After discussions parents would have the choice to avail of these additional support services or not.  Additional charges would apply based on the reqirements and frequency of providing these services.



We offer attractive sibling discounts to families with multiple children. Each child registering at MTLGS who is a sibling (brother or sister by birth or adoption) of another child ("Previous Sibling") who is enrolled at MTLGS (Japan) will enjoy the following benefits:

  • ​the 1st sibling (2nd child in the family) will receive a 10% concession off their annual tuition fee only.

  • the 2nd sibling (third child in the family) and any additional siblings will receive a 15% concession off their annual tuition fee only and an Admission Fee waiver.


Even though we are an international school our aim is not profit orientated.  So we offer special discounts to families and single parents with financial limitations and difficulties who still want to give their children the best education possible and to enjoy the benefits of their children attending an international school, but cannot afford the high school fees that international school usually charge.

In situations like this please let us know at the time of your application via a separate email to our school and we would discuss this with you in details and in private to let us know of our decisions.  We are willing to offer deserving families, anywhere up to 50% discounts on tuition fees and other fees, which could be subject to your providing us with authenticated and documented proof of your financial situation and we may have some other pre-conditions or requests that we may ask of you.  All correspondence, information, etc. during our discussions with you regarding your family situation will be kept strictly confidential by our school director and school management team.

Special Considerations

We will make considerations for special needs children to also enroll and attend our full day program at MTLGS on a 1 day, 2 days, or 3 days a week basis, while they are still enrolled and attending any other Japanese or international school.  Please check with us for details on this.

Course Fees Payment


1.  Students are required to follow the amount payable as stated in the Student Contract and to pay the

     course fees directly to the school by the expected payment date as stated in the invoice. Payment of     

     course fees should only be made after the signing of the Student Contract.


2.  Payment can be made in two ways.


       a.     One time Annual Tuition Fee payment in full.  

       b.     Payment of Annual Tuition Fee in three (3) Installments for each of the three school terms.  An 

                additional 5% surcharge will be applied on Annual Tuition Fees when paid in three  installments

                for each of the three terms separately.


       c.     Payments in installments only apply to the Tuition Fee.    


Modes of Payment


Students are required to make their course fee instalments and all other miscellaneous payments either in cash or via a Bank/wire transfer.

For Cash Payment  Visit our School Office to pay by cash.

For Bank/Wire Transfer

      a.     All Remittances in Japanese Yen (JPY) only

      b.     Bank account name꞉     Ippan Shadan Hojin CEE BEE  (一般社団法人シービー)

      c.     Account number꞉     3121192

      d.     Bank꞉     Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation - SMBC  (三井住友銀行)  

      e.     Branch No꞉     152

      f.     Bank charges꞉     All bank charges from any Telegraphic Transfer shall be borne by the remitter.


Note: Student's full name as on the initial application form must be indicated in the remittance advice otherwise we may be unable to trace the payment. Please remember to add the banks transfer service fee for the wire transfer, so that we receive the complete amount that is due to the school, without any transfer charges being deducted at our end.



1. Refunds are based on the following terms and conditions: % of [the amount of tuition fees paid under student contract] if Student’s written notice of withdrawal is received. (check table below)

2. Refund for withdrawal due to legitimate reasons after payment of tuition fees.

If the student withdraws from the course due to a parent’s sudden official job relocation by the company they work for to any other city in Japan or abroad then only will there be a consideration made for a refund subject to getting an official letter directly from the company to MTLGS stating the fact and details of relocation and the reasons for the relocation.  MTLGS in this case will refund to the student an amount based on the table in Schedule D of the Student Contract.

If the student withdraws from the course for any reason other than those stated above,  MTLGS will not make any refunds.

3. Any refunds will only be made with regards to the tuition fee. Any other fees including the ones mentioned below are non-refundable.
Registration Fee 
Admission Fee
Annual Maintenance Fee 
Insurance Fee 
PTA Fee 
Books and Materials Fee
All Miscellaneous Fees


On or before 30 calendar days before the course commencement date


7-15 calendar days before the course commencement date


15 to 29 calendar days before the course commencement date


Within 7 day before the course commencement date.  If a student has commenced school there will be no refund of fees for early withdrawal unless due to legitimate reasons

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Admission Enquiries or General Enquiries  0726-29-4894     or     090-2859-7075

Fax 0726-29-4894 

Email contact@mtlgs.org