Happy Children
Happy Children

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Boy Playing with Blocks
Boy Playing with Blocks

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Kids Playing Games
Kids Playing Games

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Happy Children
Happy Children

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It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

Our School Values are based on a very simple principle!

“If children cannot learn the way we teach them, then we should teach them the way they learn”

Preparing Every Child For a Brighter and Better Future

We are a family-orientated international school in Japan for students aged 3-12.  We are a new school and will be opening this year on 25th August 2021.  At MTLGS, we equip children with the academic foundations and lifelong learning skills to be agents of their own future success - helping to prepare them for further education, future careers, navigating the opportunities and challenges they will encounter in their lives and becoming contributing members in today's society. 

Happy Circle


Kid Playing with Bubble

Pre K to KG 2

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson



Piggy Bank

NOT Profit Oriented

Our Philosophy is not to make money or increase profits like many other educational establishments.  All we want is to provide the best kind of education, therapy and support to all types of children so as to make their present and future brighter and better. We offer special discounts on fees, etc. to make it possible for deserving families and lower income families with financial constraints to have their children attend an international school without the high fees.


Truly Global

The thinking, and mindset of our school director Mr. Cecil Burton and team is truly global. The school director has a 360° outlook, perspective and vision for the school gained from his education and background and his many years of experience working in various fields and in different countries around the world. He always thinks outside the box and is not always confined to norms.

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Personalised Learning at its Best

We take pride in being a small, family oriented but global minded school which customizes and adapts our curriculum, educational methods and teaching techniques.  Our learning process and outcomes are better suited for each individual child learner, based on the child's own unique learning style, background, ability, needs, level and previous experiences.


Holistic Character Development

In order for children to succeed and reach their full potential, we give attention to all aspects of the child's development which include:


*Intellectual ability     *Social skills *Physical ability     *Creativity

*Self-confidence  *Compassion

*Emotional intelligence      

*Challenging themselves outside

their comfort zone    *Empathy

*A sense of responsibility    

*Fine and gross motor coordination
*Inquisitiveness of the world around them  etc.

Portrait of a Boy with Glasses

We accept and support handicapped and special needs children

We provide support to handicapped and special needs children including those with ASD, ADHD, Aspergers, Down Syndrome,  Behaviour Issues, Learning Difficulties, etc. and to children who are on the borderline as well as exceptional children .  We also provide support, advice and training to parents of the above mentioned children. 


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Admission Enquiries & General Enquiries  0726-29-4894     or     090-2859-7075

Fax 0726-29-4894 

Email contact@mtlgs.org