What makes MTLGS a unique place to study?

We are “MORE” than just an international school

Education at MTLGS integrates the best concepts from both the British and Europen (IB) school systems and also incorporates the ideas and concepts of MTL (Australia), Cee Bee Center (Japan) and other excellent programs around the world that help to support and empower your child for a lifetime of learning. Our learning system provides extensive exposure to a variety of subjects such as the arts, music, sports, design, technology, STEAM, nature and ecology, history and science, other cultures and beliefs, the world around us, etc. We help the child in developing both physically and mentally in a range of competencies and dispositions in skills for thinking, research, problem-solving, creativity and innovation that include the use of appropriate behaviours, attitudes and empathy. Rather than educate and teach the child ‘how to learn’ we prefer to educate and teach them ‘how to think’ during their learning process. Our key focus and foundation of learning and education for every child is done more through natural movement and activity based learning that actually helps the brain to learn and grow better rather than just the traditional way of sitting down and learning behind a desk.


Our Education leadership team and teachers know every child and family. Families, teachers and students are the foundation of a strong and supportive community. At MTLGS, we encourage an environment that is engaging for both parents and children, as we believe that the more you engage, the more rewarding your learning experiences will be. 

A broad and balanced education

We aim to provide a high-quality international education consisting of our school director, Cecil Burton’s philosophy, techniques and approaches to teaching and learning. Training and building up a child physically and mentally so as to enable a healthy body and mind tuned into thinking about and being naturally inquisitive, while learning and experiencing the world around them. Balancing movement, sports activity, academics and arts with the appropriate mind-set, behaviours and attitudes is the key to producing active, internationally-minded and innovative global citizens. All students get to participate daily in our Move to Learn “10 Gems for the Brain” (Australian based) daily movement program.

We know great teachers inspire great students

Our teaching faculty comprises passionate, committed and engaging educational practitioners. They all have one thing in common: the desire for guiding children to develop life-long skills and attitudes that will enhance their potential. Energetic and child-centered, our professional and experienced teachers aim to bring out the best in your child.

Low student : teacher ratio

Our low student-teacher ratio and experienced teaching faculty ensure that we provide personalized learning opportunities to every student. The caring approach of our teachers, within a traditionally as well as modern, child-focused environment creates a safe home away from home for your child. We usually try to keep class ratios to a maximum ratio of eight students : one teacher.  However these numbers are not rigidly fixed and can increase or decrease depending on the levels and abilities of the children in each class, as well as the level and ability of the teacher teaching the class. When and if the need arises we could also have another teacher (pair teaching) the main class teacher when teaching students.

Multiple graduation pathways

We aim to prepare your child to achieve their academic potential for every success in life beyond primary school through a broad choice of subjects and pathways offered. In addition, we create various opportunities for our students to excel while making significant and valued contributions to their local community as well as the wider world in which we all live.

Minimalistic facilities designed to fuel holistic development

MTLGS occupies a small two floor building, with an internal area of 275 m² in Takatsuki city in Osaka.  It is around 15 minutes by bus from JR Takatsuki station and Hankyu Takatsuki city station and the local bus stop is also just a minute's walk from our school. Its indoor facilities include classrooms, handicapped access toilets, a play activity and movement area, art and music area, library of books, dining area, slopes and corridors for wheelchair access and a small elevator. The outdoor facilities include a parking area for 7 cars including handicapped parking, a ramp slope for wheelchair access into the building, a natural Japanese garden area of around 250 m², and just a minute's walk away from our school there is a park which we use for students to play.

Making the WORLD a better place

Developing internationally minded learners

At MTLGS we create unique opportunities for our students to participate in community service projects to develop active, internationally-minded, compassionate young people who want to make a difference in the world and evolve as global citizens. We aim to inspire contribution to society in a sustainable fashion throughout life by developing a service ethos, entrepreneurial activities and community spirit, aimed at…..
Empathy     Wellbeing of the Mind & Body     Appropriate Behaviour     Communication

Teamwork     Independence and Leadership     Problem Solving     Self-Confidence

Experiential learning

Our Move To Learn Education Programme (MTLEP) supports and enhances teaching and learning experiences to engage students in real-world issues where students learn through actual hands-on experience and reflection. The programme supports movement and learning throughout the curriculum and also provides specific opportunities within the academic year for students to engage in experiential learning activities, and connecting the curriculum beyond the classroom in a variety of contexts. Students will engage in team-building activities, familiarisation with the Cee Bee programme, investigative challenges and cultural exchanges based within the school, locally around the school and Japan. Highly effective student learning does not exist within subject-specific silos. MTLGS will bind learning through the written classroom curriculum, real-world learning and various field trips and service as action learning.

Empowering students to take action with confidence

Service Action Learning is a key component of the MTLGS academic programme. It helps students connect what is learned in school with the real world and develop lifelong skills such as communication, collaboration, empathy, understanding and reflection. It also facilitates learning by encouraging your child to step out of their comfort zone, get over their fears and immerse themselves in challenging situations. Service projects, graded movements and activities will change your child in profound ways and foster individual growth. This can happen anywhere and anytime in school, or at places such as at the local orphanage, a local temple or fire station, a local home for the aged or at a distant destination. The end results of these connections are memorable experiences that help the students understand their shared guardianship of our planet and responsibility toward others. Through community service, your child will leave their mark on the local and global community.

Enhancing personal and interpersonal development

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) is also part of the MTLGS educational programme, involving students in a range of activities that take place alongside their academic studies. Students will be involved in a range of activities beyond the academic classroom and encouraged to develop their own projects to demonstrate initiative, perseverance, and challenge and develop skills such as collaboration, problem-solving and decision-making. These may include visual and performing arts, sports, film, health, community service and many others.

Local and Global impact

MTLGS students will be offered a great mix of cultural exposure, physical challenges, community engagement and service-as-action opportunities in Japan and abroad. We want our students to travel around Japan and the world and to work alongside the local community on a range of activities such as visiting local schools, helping students with their day-to-day activities or teaching them English and games. We want our students to engage in various projects across Japan. Examples include visits to an elderly home or an orphanage, fundraising activities for victims and bake sales to raise money for the purchase and supply of food, stationery and books for underprivileged children in Japan or abroad. Other Service Action Learning includes environmental projects such as beach clean-ups, nature trips, etc.

Professional Support for Handicapped & Special Needs Children

We welcome all students that include special needs children, children considered in the gray areas or borderline areas in education, handicapped children and exceptional children (subject to our ability to provide the best support and education possible) and provide all kinds of support to not only the child but the parents too.  The kind of support that we offer to the child includes training, various therapies and education as required.  To parents with special needs children we offer and provide additional support services that include consulting, counselling, training and education too in coordination with the CEE BEE CENTER.

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