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We see potential in every child

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A Warm Welcome to everyone! My name is Cecil Burton, the founder and director of ‘Move to Learn Global School’ (MTLGS). In my career I have specialized in the field of consulting, advising business management, education and special needs education. I have practical working experience in various fields that include education, special needs education, airline, hotel and restaurant, travel and tourism, import and export, transport, etc. in various countries around the world.

I have been living and working in Japan since 1997, with my wife who is Japanese and have over 40 years of practical hands-on professional experience in education and business abroad and in Japan. In 2008 I started the CEE BEE CENTER which is a Bilingual Therapy, Training and Support Center for Special Needs Children, families and teachers.  


In August 2020, with the support of my wife, I started the Move To Learn Global School and we run and manage the school together.  The reason for my starting this school from my perspective is, that there is so much more that can be done to make the present "general state of education” in Japan (or the world for that matter) even better for every student.  Each and every student have different abilities, disabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and learning needs and requires to be taught the way each one of them can learn, however this kind of support for each child is mainly being lost to the commercialization of the education sector as a profit-making business.  Modern society is being transformed by AI, but I firmly believe that basic essential human skills required to enrich our lives, e.g. sociability, sensibility, individual creativeness, cognitive, critical and logical thinking skills among others are being lost due to the influence of IT.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that children learn various basic essential skills, using both their minds and body in such things as planning, organizing, creating, computing, analyzing, determining, distinguishing, evaluating, inferring, problem solving, producing, applying, explaining and learn to make and give their own opinions, rather than just repeat knowledge gained just through rote learning and memorzation through IT, and believe the opinions of others on the internet and social media sites.

Most Japanese and international schools for education in Japan, offer a curriculum that focuses on the acquisition of language and subject skills such as English, Japanese, Math, Social Studies, Arts, Science, Geography, History, IT, etc. in the early grades and some increasing exploration and project-based learning in the upper grades.  MTLGS is an inclusive, bilingual, transitional international school for education, with a practical and world orientated curriculum for Pre-school, Kindergarten and Elementary school students,  Our focus is on strengthening the foundations of learning and developing both the physical and mental capacity of each individual student to enable both present and future learning and growth.


Nurturing the whole child

Your child’s needs and goals are at the heart of everything we do.  We are a family-oriented school so we aim to not only teach, train and support the student but also their families


Our management and teaching staff tailor the pace and focus of instruction in and out of the classroom to develop not only the basis of educative skills such as reading, writing, speaking, comprehension, math, science, etc. but more importantly essential life-long skills to bring out the best in your child. This includes raising their (1) Physical and Mental abilities to think, process, remember, reason and act (2) Self-confidence and well-being (3) Communication skills and speech (4) Social Interaction and Social Awareness (5) Cognition and Learning, (6) Self-regulation (7) Activities of Daily Life (8) Interest and involvement in the environment and world around them (9) Inquisitiveness to ask questions and engage in dialogue (10) Challenge themselves outside their comfort zone


The school leadership team, teachers and staff are always available to meet and answer any questions that you may have to ensure the best possible educational experience for your child. 

Faculty & Staff

Cecil Burton 

Director of School

Special Needs Therapist

Special Needs Counsellor

Special Needs Advisor

Special Needs Trainer

Makiko Ogawa


Office In-charge

Nozomi Lule

Class Teacher


1--8--5 Kaihara

Takatsuki city

Osaka  P.C. 569-0091 Email 



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