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School Director's Welcome

We see potential in every child 


A warm welcome to all those reading this now. Establishing this school in Japan started out as a dream and passion to provide the best education, help, advice, support and therapy possible and nurture all children through their development years in an inclusive, safe and secure setting especially with regards to handicapped and special needs children.  All children will find a place to learn and grow in our school regardless of their nationality, race, back ground, ethnicity, handicaps and difficulties.


It is my privilege to be leading the Move to Learn© community in Japan. A working background and experience in management and senior management positions for over 35 years, in various fields which include education, hotel and restaurants (F&B), travel and tourism, real estate and property management, etc. has helped shaped the starting of this school in Japan. It is also my pleasure to be living and working in this inspiring and diverse educational environment in Japan for over 20+ years.  Our school represents a truly global environment with no one dominant religion, culture or background and we aim to provide a world of inspiring opportunities for every student.

We are proud to have a dedicated teaching team highly motivated and engaged in supporting a well-rounded development of all students at Move to Learn Global School in Japan (MTLGS). We are fully committed to our mission and strive to empower an inclusive international community of happy learners who aspire to positively impact others and society in general. To achieve this mission, we aim to create an exciting and challenging educational environment by providing numerous opportunities including sports and movement, the arts, innovation, community service, STEAM, field trips, extracurricular and vocational activities.

I would like to encourage all parents to become active members of our Move to Learn Japan community, join various parent groups and participate in school-wide events.

Nurturing the whole child

Your child’s needs and goals are at the heart of everything we do.

Our teachers tailor the pace and focus of instruction in and out of the classroom to develop not only the basis of educative skills such as reading, writing, speaking, comprehension, math, etc. but more importantly essential life-long skills to bring out the best in your child. This includes raising their (1) Physical and Mental abilities to think, process, remember, reason and act (2) Self-confidence and well-being (3) Communication skills and speech (4) Social Interaction and Social Awareness (5) Cognition and Learning, (6) Self-regulation (7) Activities of Daily Life (8) Interest and involvement in the environment and world around them (9) Inquisitiveness to ask questions and engage in dialogue.


The school leadership team, teachers and staff are always available to meet and answer any questions you may have to ensure the best possible educational experience for your child. 

We are a Handicapped and Special Needs Children Friendly School

Our school is founded with the goal to educate, help, support and provide various therapies for handicapped and special needs children at our school.

To this end our school not only accepts, but also provides ability based education, in-house therapy and support for children with special needs, learning and physical handicaps including Autism (ASD), Down Syndrome, ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Learning and Behavioural Difficulties, etc. In addition we provide consulting services and support, advice, counselling and training to parents and teachers of special needs children through our affiliated Cee Bee Center. Furthermore on request we also offer financial assistance in terms of appropriate discounts on fees to families and children from deserving families and families with lower income and financial constraints.

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