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After School Program


WEE BABY Pre-School Class                                                               



WEE KIDS Kindergarten Class                      



GEE KIDS Elementary Class



ZEE KIDS Juniour High

School& High School Class                                                 


Adult Class                       

AIM of the Program

  1. Provide children with comprehensive language support in English.

  2. Exclusive focus on improving children's language levels

  3. All children who participate in the program will have greater confidence and greater skills in the application and use of English by the end of the program 



Curriculum includes any or all of the following: Depending on the level of the class, speaking and communication, question and answer, vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar, comprehension, individual writing tasks, making and presenting presentations, public speaking, etc. 


Children aged 1 to 17 and adults aged 18 and over. We cater to those who are already learning English (all levels), as well as those just starting out or wanting to learn English for the first time.

Important Notes of the Program

  1. Depending on the number of children participating in the program, children of equal or similar skill level may be placed in the same class.

  2. Children are placed in classes according to their English ability, not their age.

  3. The child-to-teacher ratio is maintained at a level that produces valid results.

  4. Homework is usually given to children in each class, and parents are informed about the homework and should help their children complete the homework at home (if the child has difficulty completing the homework).

  5. Once a year, we provide each child with a term report evaluating their strengths, growth, level and performance during the year.

  6. For children who continue in the program for the following year, at the end of the school year, we will assess whether the child's progress qualifies them to move up to the next level or to stay at the same class level for another year.

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