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We challenge students to grow and develop both physically and mentally.  Our focus is not only on academic learning but more importantly in developing and raising a child’s critical thinking, cognitive skills, logical thinking skills, and to challenge them outside their comfort zone.  We also include graded physical movements and  multi-cultural activities to enhance their brain and body functions, skills and abilities.


Core Curriculum

● Physical Movement & Activities

● English Language & Communication Skills

● Behavior Modelling Strategies

● Discipline Strategies - calming, modelling, finding     the root cause

● Diet & Nutrition

● Parent/child bonding techniques

● Hands, Fingers, Body & Brain development               techniques

● Music and Songs


Core Curriculum

● Independent Skills (ADL’s)

● Language & Communication Skills

● Social and Behavioral Skills

● Fine and Gross Motor Skills

● School Readiness Skills

● Brain and Body development

● Brain and Body coordination

● Left & Right Brain coordination

● Creative Thinking foundations

● Problem solving foundations

● Cognitive development

● Spatial Awareness

● Understanding of the world & its various cultures

● Kindergarten Academics include: 

     English Language Arts such as Reading, Writing,

     Speaking, Comprehension, Math, Science                 Geography, Social Science, Music, Songs, etc.

Grades 1-6

Core Curriculum

● Independent Skills (ADL’s)

● English Language Arts including Reading, 

     Writing, Speaking, Comprehension,

     Presentations, etc.

● Math, Geography & Science

● Social Science & History 

● STEAM, Music, Songs, IT, Art & PE,

● Fine and Gross Motor Skills

● Social & Communication Skills

● Cognitive Skills

● Logical Thinking Skills

● Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

● Listening and Processing Skills, Spatial     

    Awareness, etc.

● Experiential Learning via camps and school trips

● Extra-curricular activities

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