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Move To Learn Global School

A perfect place to learn and grow

Our school has a universal design, i.e. the entrance ramps, corridors, and toilets are all barrier-free.

Our School Concept 

Move to Learn Global School is an inclusive, bilingual, Pre-school, Kindergarten and Elementary, International school in Osaka Japan operated by 'Ippan Shadan Hojin CEE BEE' and our aim is to run our school on a non-profit basis.  We accept all children including children with Autism (ASD), ADHD/ADD,  Aspergers, Behavioural issues, etc. as an inclusive international school and our curriculum and systems are set-up to be diversive, open-minded, with a global culture and point-of-view. In the Japanese education system we operate as a "Free school" and help educate and support children who struggle and find it difficult to or do not attend Japanese schools. We have included the best of both international and Japanese school curriculums and systems including British, IB, American, and Indian curriculums and systems in our education programs and operations at our school. 

Our school is a safe and nuturing place where different type of children with developmental or physical disabilities and those who for various reasons, have stopped going to, do not want to go or cannot manage  and fall behind in the present international and Japanese school systems, can continue and expand their education and growth.   


Currently, there are many 'Japanese free schools', their existence value is recognized with the times, and while the range of choices for free schools is expanding, the feature of our school is that all subjects, including core subjects, are taught mainly in English. In addition, at our school, we have created a unique curriculum that incorporates the best parts of curricula from Japan and overseas, such as the UK, IB, America, and India, in our educational programs. 


In consideration of individual needs, we adapt curriculums tto match the abilities of each child, regardless of their actual age.  If your child's English level is insufficient at the time of admission, we have additional English support classes to help your child. ​ I believe that all children have greater potential than their parents or adults around them realize. I think it is important that the adults around them do not set limits for the children, and instead encourage the children to perform better.

We Aim to Educate and Support All Children with Particular Attention to supporting Special Needs Childrenm including:

  • Students with high-functioning pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Down syndrome, learning disabilities, etc.

  • Students who do not attend kindergarten to junior high school in Japan for any reason.

  • Students who have difficulty keeping up with classes at a regular school.

  • Students who have difficulty interacting with others or participating in individual/group activities.

  • Students who have learning difficulties (LD) in a particular subject or area, such as speaking, reading, writing, math, etc.

  • Students with emotional and behavioral problems such as anxiety and depression

  • Students who have difficulty building relationships with others.

  • Students who have difficulties in focusing on things, space out or concentrate only on things they like. 

Preparing Every Child For a Brighter and Better Future

  • Our STUDENT FIRST POLICY focuses on personalised, tailor-made individualized learning for each student according to their abilities, in addition to group learning.

  • We equip students with the academic foundations and lifelong learning skills to better enable them to determine their own future success.

  • We help prepare them in the foundations for further education and future careers, to help them navigate the opportunities and challenges they will encounter in their lives, so as to have a better future and life and become contributing members in today's evolving and future society.

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