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Move To Learn
Global School

A Great Place
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Our School Concept

Move to Learn Global School is an inclusive, bilingual, Pre-school, Kindergarten and Elementary, International school operated by 'Ippan Shadan Hojin CEE BEE' and our aim is to run our school on a non-profit basis.  In the Japanese education system we operate as a "Free school" and among regular children we help and support children who struggle and find it difficult to or do not attend Japanese schools. As an international school we accept all children and our curriculum and systems are set-up to be diversive, open-minded, with a global culture and point-of-view.  We have included the best of both Japanese and international school curriculums and systems including British, IB, American, and Indian curriculums and systems in our education programs and operations at our school. 

Preparing Every Child For a Brighter and Better Future

School Kids
  • Our STUDENT FIRST POLICY focuses on personalised, tailor-made individualized learning for each student according to their abilities, in addition to group learning.

  • We equip students with the academic foundations and lifelong learning skills to better enable them to determine their own future success.

  • We help prepare them in the foundations for further education and future careers, to help them navigate the opportunities and challenges they will encounter in their lives, so as to have a better future and life and become contributing members in today's evolving and future society.

We Aim to Educate and Support All Children with Particular Attention and Support to Children Who.....

Colorful Pattern
  • Want to acquire native level British, American and Global English skills.

  • Have little or no English skills and want to learn in a challenging international school setting and enviroment.

  • Struggle in attending other schools.

  • Fall behind or struggle in keeping up with mainstream academic classes.

  • Do not attend Japanese Kindergartens Elementary or Junior High School for any reason.

  • Have just returned from overseas.

  • Want to focus on learning English before going abroad.

  • Are looking for a small group learning environment that is individualized.

  • Have challenges in socializing and doing individual or group activities.

Boy in Classroom
  • Have limited motivation to learn.

  • Lack of organizational skills

  • Have challenges in building relationships.

  • Have difficulty with focus or experiencing restlessness.

  • Have challenges in specific subject areas or specific learning skills, such as speaking, reading, writing  or math.

  • Have emotional and/or behavioral challenges, such as anxiety and depression.

  • Have Mild Learning Differences, including high-functioning Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD), such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD & Down Syndrome,

Our school is of universal design i.e barrier free and handicapped friendly, including slopes, corridors and toilets, so children with handicaps and mobility issues will also be comfortable attending and learning at our school.


  1. Admissions of new students are usually done around April but students can apply and will be accepted anytime during the year

  2. Please fill in the online registration form. 


  • PRE-SCHOOL​  - PARENT/BABY   Ages10 months-2 years

  • EARLY YEARS​  - KINDERGARTEN  Ages 3-5 Years  

  • PRIMARY YEARS - GRADES 1-6 Ages 6-12 Years 

For Parents

This part gives access to more detailed information about the school curriculum, student term reports, student news and events, etc. 

1--8--5 Kaihara

Takatsuki city

Osaka  P.C. 569-0091 Email 



Mobile telephone    


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