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Move To Learn Program at Deutsche Schule Kobe


Ongoing bilingual, inclusive program since 2018 at the DSKi in Kobe, created by Mr. Cecil Burton, for all children aged 5-12 with special attention to accepting and supporting children with behavioural issues, handicaps, special needs (ASD, ADHD, Down's syndrome, etc.) and learning difficulties.

This bilingual (English /Japanese) program was started in 2018, at the Deutsche Schule Kobe Internation (DSKI) on Rokko Island, Kobe,by Mr. Cecil Burton who works on a part-time basis as the Saturday School Coordinator in DSKI. Mr. Burton is also ithe Owner and Director of The Move To Learn Global School (MTLGS) in Takatsuki city Osaka, which is an international school having Pre-school, Kindergarten and Elementary school programs for all children. MTLGS was started by Mr. Burton with the aim to accept, educate, and support children with special needs including those with PDD, ASD, ADHD, Downs Syndrome, Learning Difficulties, behavioral issues, physical handicaps, etc

Notes on this program

  • This program is not a language based program BUT a learning based movement and activity program.

  • The name of our program says it all, ‘Move to Learn’. This is the name of an Australian based program (copyrighted) that was developed more than 35 years ago by Barbara Pheloung to enhance the learning abilities of children through movement. (If you want to know more about this, then please contact Mr. Burton who is the official representative of the Move to Learn company in Japan).

  • In addition Mr. Burton uses his very own ACE program (Activity, Communication and Exercise program).which he has developed in Japan.

  • It has an original curriculum created by Mr. Burton that includes fun movements and activities, music, songs, games, play, arts and crafts, etc. including learning phonics, vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar, comprehension and conversation in English.

  • It is conducted primarily in English but Japanese is also used whenever necessary..

  • This is an inclusive program and is open to any child from age 5 to 12 and more importantly children with special needs are not only welcome but encouraged to join this program which will be tremendous benefit to them (conditions would apply).

  • There is one class only for all the children and activities, learning and workbooks are arranged according to each child’s abilities, weaknesses and strengths and pace of growth.

  • Parents are encouraged and permitted to attend this progrma along with their child.


  1. Building the cornerstones to a solid learning foundation for students by using their basic skills, abilities and strengths, while also working on improving their weaknesses, through an activity based holistic approach, in a bilingual English/Japanese immersion environment.

  2. Our focus during this program is on developing or further enhancing a child’s skills and abilities in learning, thinking, memory, behaviour, communication, gross and fine motor skills, balance and coordination of the brain and body, the body centerline, etc. and challenging them through various fun filled physical and mental activities, rather than just learning a language.

  3. The end goal of this program is for any child who joins this program to have more self-confidence, communicate and behave better, and have better skills and abilities in the application, usage and coordination of both their mind and body for learning, then they did when they first entered this program.


Is based on physical and mental activities that could include movement and exercises, the use of various equipment, ball/card/physical/mental/concentration games, music, songs, dance, art and crafts, speaking, appropriate behavioural training, communication with peers and adults, questions and answers, vocabulary building, reading, writing, comprehension in listening, conversation, speaking and individual and group tasks, depending on the level of each child. Children use English workbooks in this program.


Any child who is between the ages of 5 ~12 can join. Children without any English ability are also accepted into this program.



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